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Cheese the Chao is a chao who was a long time companion to Cream the Rabbit.



Some time prior to the Metal virus crisis, Cheese, along with fellow chao, Chocola the Chao were living with Cream in Floral Forest Village.

Metal Virus arc

Both Cheese and Chocola are present in Cream and vanilla's house when Eggman dumped the metal virus in their village. Both of the chao rushed to attack the zombots intruding in their house, only realizing too late that they became infected. After the refugees were sent to the evac point for the shuttle, Sonic rushed into the rabbit's house to get two large jars and trapped the chaos in each one, knowing that they were dangerous due to their ability to fly. By the time Sonic and the rescued villages were sucessfully evacuated, the both of the zombot chao eventually broke out of their glass jars.

The zombot cheese, along with the Zombot Chocola, made it to Central City, where they simply glanced at an otherwise unnoticed Tails, who was on top of his house, trying to extract the real metal virus that was recently dumped on the city. They snapped the power cables outside of his workshop, preventing the upload to the cure of the virus.