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The Chaos Emeralds of Classic Sonic's World are similar in design and function as the Chaos Emeralds, are seven differently colored gemstones that hold an immense power. However, it is located in Classic Sonic's World.


Seasons of Chaos

A Chaos emerald was found by a Picky in the Mushroom Hill Zone on Angel Island and handed it to a relaxing Knuckles. However, it was snatched by an unidentified red blur.

While searching for the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy and Tails explored the Spring Valley Zone, where Sonic spotted one lying in a bed of flowers. Figuring it to be easier than expected, he reached out to the Chaos emerald, only to have it snatched at the last minute by a blue colored blur, which was then revealed to the group as Metal Sonic.

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  • Green: Spring Hill Zone
  • Blue: mushroom Hill Zone on Angel Island
  • Yellow: found in the Summer Falls Zone
  • Red:


Background Information

  • The Chaos Emeralds are based on the objects of the same name from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.
  • The ones from classic Sonic's world have made appearances such as Sonic Mania.