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For the emeralds from the alternate timeline, see Chaos Emerald (Classic).

The Chaos Emeralds are seven differently colored gemstones that hold an immense power.


Past Usage

Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman had fought over the Chaos Emeralds multiple times in the past. (StH: #5)

Eggman's possession

At some point prior to Eggman's mind being restored, Dr. Starline had already collected all 7 of the Choas emeralds. He then offered them to Eggman, saying that he could consider this an application to serve as an assistant to Dr Eggman, which Eggman was impressed that he agreed to that offer.

The Chaos emeralds were then attached via Chaos Emerald Siphons that were hooked up to Eggman's new mobile base, the Faceship. With the power of the Chaos emeralds, Eggman's new invention lifted off from the Final Egg.()

New Owners

Hoping to improve upon Dr. Eggman's zombot problem, Dr. Starline niavely requested the aid of the Deadly Six to control the zombots and transorted them via the warp topaz to the faceship. Despite having the Coaphonic Conch, starline underestimated the Deadly Six's prowess and their their powers and abilities, and resulted in Eggman and Starline to retreat and left the Zeti to possess not only the Faceship, but also the possibility to take control of the zombots.

Zavok, urged his group to each take a chaos emerald still attached to their syphons to empower themselves in order to expand their magentic powers to control the numerous legions of zombots, leaving only one Emerald to power the ship.

With the help of the desperate Dr. Eggman, Sonic and his friends made use of a Super Warp portal in transport different teams to take the emeralds, leaving Zavok's and the one powering his newly take-ship to Rouge the Bat, who seretly infiltrated the ship with the secret help of Orbot.

The plan to eliminate the Metal virus threat was to use the Chaos Emeralds to turn Sonic and Silver into their super forms and, in junction with the warp topaz, remove the metal virus from those that have been infected and to hurl the virus into the sun, where it would be destroyed. However, Zavok still had possession of his Chaos emerald, and used it to enhance his transformation into a giant.


The Chaos Emeralds are seven brilliant cut gems, each of a different color - purple, blue, yellow, green, white, turquoise,and red. Each one has unlimited power as well as immense chaotic power that changes according to the situation or their usage. They also have the same properties as the Sol Emeralds, except for the fire-based properties. The Chaos Emeralds can also be harnessed to empower various entities, such as living beings. Harnessing all seven Chaos Emeralds will bestow a person with a Super State, a form that grants increased innate talents and other powers.

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