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Chao are a peaceful, non-animalistic species that live on Sonic’s World. The most notable Chao are Cheese the Chao and Chocola the Chao who are both the companions of Cream the Rabbit. Dark Chao were one of the notable subspecies of Chao. The most prominent Chao, also known as Neutral Chao, was Cheese the Chao.


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At some point in the past, Chao racing became a popular event. Clutch the Opossum would use his Chao to aquire great amounts of wealth in order to add to his collection of Eggman tech.

Tangle and Whisper

A photograph was taken of an Mimicsonic imposter stealing candy from a Chao, in an attempt to frame the real Sonic.

Metal virus arc

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Cheese and Chocola were living in Floral Forest Village with Cream the Rabbit, along with her mother. After trying to fend off the invading zombots, both of the chaos got infected with the metal virus and quickly turned into zombots. Not wanting any trouble from them, Sonic dashed into Vanilla and Cream's house, brought out two large jars and trapped both infected chao in each jar. Although they were contained for a while, they were both able to break out of their jars with their strength. In their Zombot state, they wandered to Central City. There, they happened across Tails' Lab, when the owner was working on a cure toi the metal virus. The two chao cut the power, deactivating the computer before it completed the upload to Restoration HQ.

Chao Races and Badnik bases

In order to find and aquire the right components to put Omega back together, Rouge suggested the idea of racing Cheese in order to acquire the parts.


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Three chao, specifically a Neutral, Hero , Darkand Omochao (TSR one-shot), made up a part of Team Rose. (TSR)