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Burning Blaze is the super transformation of Blaze the Cat, a form she can attain by harnessing the power of the seven Sol Emeralds.

Blaze assumed the form during the Resistance’s assault upon the Neo Metal Sonic-controlled Angel Island. While in this form, she destroyed one half of the shorelines keeping the island under control. (StH: #9)


While the Resistance landed on Angel Island, Blaze jumped off the Aircraft and turned into Burning Blaze to destroy the Egg Fleet's battleships. (StH: #9) Since she couldn't keep her form so long, she charged an enormous fireball to blew up the mothership's left wing, then she de-transformed and landed. (StH: #10)



Background Information

  • Burning Blaze first appeared alongside her host character in Sonic Rush.
  • Some aspects of Burning Blaze’s design in the IDW series are noticeably different from previous depictions. In this depiction, her hair, tail and wrist and ankle cuffs take on a wispy, flamelike appearance.
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