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The Battleship[1] (later known as the Rescue Shuttle, or the Restoration Shuttle) is an aerial ship that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a type of warship used by the Resistance. After the Resistance was reformed to the Restoration, and during the Metal virus, they were later known as Rescue Shuttles or Restoration Shuttle, serving as evacuation transport for the rescued citizens.



The Battleship is a large blue and gray space shuttle-like aircraft with several details. It has a bright gray top half and a dark gray underbelly, and a narrow windshield spanning the entire front of the ship. On top of it are two gray and blue single-barreled gun turrets, and below the windshield on the front is a blue outstretched fin. Also, around the rear are two vertical stabilizers and a single thin horizontal stabilizer. Lastly, it has two rectangular-shaped thrusters on the rear.

Abilities and features

Being an airship, the Battleship is capable of flight.[1] Each ship had the capacity of transporting a considerable number of people. This was demonstrated during the evactuation of the mass amounts of survivors of each city during the metal virus saga.


Battle For Angel Island

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The Battleship was first seen being used by the Resistance and its allies to reach Angel Island. Unbeknownst to the rest of the resistance, Big the Cat stowed on the ship, as he thought that he saw Froggy on board. However, he later realized it was just a wisp. Big then took a nap in the storage room When the Battleship approached Angel Island however, the Egg Fleet, which had occupied the island, began shooting at it, forcing the Battleship down. By the time the Battleship crashed on Angel Island however, everyone onboard had evacuated it.[1]

Metal Virus Crisis

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When the Resistance became disbanded and reinstated, the newly dubbed "Restoration" reused the cruisers of the Resistance, this time using them and naming them as "Rescue Shuttles". These shuttle were used to evacuate the survivors of the towns that were affected by the metal virus.

A shuttle was sent to Ice Paradise to evacuate the civilians under Silver the Hedgehog, but the shuttle went down, resulting in a failure for the mission. Silver was the only person to come back from the city, informing the survivors of restoration HQ on angel island to inform them.

After Restoration HQ was breached by a survivor infected by the Metal Virus, only one shuttle made it out to safety, and was sent to pick up the non-infected citizens of Central City.(#19, #20) With the fall of HQ, the Restoration made use of the shuttle as a makeshift HQ.

After Eggman was deposed from his faceship, and his zombots taken over by the Deadly Six, Tails worked with Dr. Eggman to create a Multi-Portal Generator. Unbeknownst to Tails, When Dr. Eggman was salvaguing one of the rescue shuttle of its parts, he only took the non-essential parts from it, hoping to use the rescue shuttle for a quick get-away.

Post Metal Virus Crisis

Just as planned, after Sonic purged the metal virus from everyone, Dr. Eggman, with Orbot and Cubot, hurried to the escape shuttle and made his escape, in addition to kidnapping E-123 Omega's disembodied head. (#30)



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