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For the badniks used by the Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik in the main universe, see here.

Badniks, also known as robots, are enemy robots created by Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Classic) in his quest to conquer the world. They are the classic world counterparts to Modern Eggman's badniks.



The Badniks first came around during Eggman's first attempt at world domination, though they were destroyed by Sonic. Later, more showed up being created to help finish construction on the Death Egg, though the space station was sent crashing into Angel Island. After Eggman teamed up with his future self in an attempt to rid their mutual histories of Sonic using the Time Eater, (Despite being kidnapped by the shadowy monster earlier after a bout with his nemesis onboard the Death Egg) Eggman, now known as Classic Eggman, went to work repairing the Death Egg creating new Badniks, and tricking the guardian of Angel Island into thinking Sonic, now known as Classic Sonic, and his partner Tails (Now known as Classic Tails), were going to steal the Master Emerald. Despite losing the battle in Launch Base Zone, Classic Eggman resumed his efforts on Angel Island with another round of Badniks, while stealing the Master Emerald, making Knuckles realize he was played for a patsy. Despite the Death Egg finally being relaunched, it was finally destroyed. However, a strange energy gem fell into Angel Island, knocking it back down from the sky and prompting Classic Eggman to send the Hard Boiled Heavies to investigate.

In the past, the Badniks tried to celebrate their creator's birthday, only for the Dr to be reluctant in celebrating.

Seasons of Chaos

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A few classic Badniks, including a Star Pointer and Ticktock were attacked by Classic Sonic and his friends while they were searching for the Chaos Emeralds. The same happened to the badniks in the Summer Falls Zone and then the Autumn Forest Zone.

Sonic Learns to Drive

Some time afterwards, Dr. Eggman led an attack on an unnamed town with a group of badniks which included Peppepe, Silver Sonic, Uni Uni, Omelettes and Moto Bug (Classic) ending in the Mr. Munch-Um's Road Rally being cancelled.

Dr. Eggman's Birthday

Upon waking up on his birthday, Dr. Eggman remembered his previous birthday where his badniks attempted to cheer him up. After getting dressed, he noticed the badnmiks were nowehere to be found. Finding out that the Hard Boiled Heavies were leading the badniks to attack Sonic, Eggman hurried into his Eggmobile after them.

Amy's New Hobby

In one of Amy's comic stories she showed to Tails, the clamp that held sonic and Tails above a pit of fire looked like a grabber. (FCBD: Amy's New Hobby)

List of Classic Badniks


Hard Boiled Heavies

The Hard Boiled Heavies were a group of elite Badniks. At one point, they gained the power of the Phantom Ruby, giving them an increase in power and usurped Dr. Eggman. Sonic eventually defeated them. Despite trying to usurp him, Eggman was not unswayed in using them again.

Creation and manufacturing

Most Badniks contained captured animals that are used as a type of organic battery. Destroying the Badniks free the animals trapped within them.


  • Although most of the classic Badnik models overlap with Modern Eggman's forces due to being the past versions, the modern versions lack some of the models, including the Egg Pawns and others like the Blowfish Transporters.
  • The Classic Badniks lack any Super Badniks so far.
  • While the Classic counterparts of the Badniks share the modern one's method of a central control system (and obedience), these Badniks differed in that they actively set out to please their master on his birthday. They appear as more humanified compared to their modern counterparts, which were more robotic in nature.
  • Out of all of the Hard Boiled Heavies, the Heavy Gunner is the only member of the group that is absent in the stories.